Psychologist Says ‘We Must Act Soon’ Against Mentally Ill Trump or Risk Him Going ‘Violent’ – Video

The conga line a whack-job experts paraded on air by the corrupt media has no end in their crusade to trash, defame and remove Pres Trump from office. Bandy Lee, a forensic psychologist from the Yale School of Medicine, apparently can evaluate someone she’s never met and conclude they [Trump] are mentally unstable, with the potential of turning quite violent, even though he’s never demonstrated any of said traits!

Is this a new thing now from Leftist “experts” where they can just diagnose someone based on tv clips, prepared speeches and tweets? Not really but it does play into the silent coup Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin and many others are warning the Left is trying to orchestrate.

Funny everything Lee claims Trump is doing, “unglued or unhinged”, is in fact exactly what we’re witnessing from just about every single Leftist, including Lee, since Nov 8th 2016!

Let’s be honest her real motivation is selling her book to those unhinged Leftists to fuel their insane theories and dreams of removing Trump from office. Right now Leftists are working the “obstruction of justice” angle until it fails, and for now are warming up the mentally unstable narrative, with the hopes of invoking the 25th Amendment. It won’t happen and many of us cannot wait to see these people completely meltdown a year from now!