Sen Flake’s Donation Just Proved Whose Side He’s On

In his quest to make a point on principle, Jeff Flake outed himself as the progressive we’ve known him to be for many years. The Senator cut a check to Doug Jones, running on the democrat ticket for Jeff Sessions Senate seat, for $100 writing “Country over Party”.

If he truly meant “Country over Party” why did he just bankroll a guy who is pro- partial birth abortion, gun control, govt controlled healthcare, weak on border security etc all the typical Leftist positions?? Because Flake is a progressive, and the “party” he is referring to on that check, is the progressive party that exists within the democrat and republican parties! Progressives are the ones screwing us, always hiding behind some cause or justification for their actions. But sometimes they get so full of themselves they make a stupid mistake like this trying to be high and mighty, only to prove what people have been saying all along!

Flake’s last day in the Senate cannot come soon enough, frankly he should just step down now. Election laws need to be changed, the people need to be able to recall anyone in Congress if they get out of control. No more of this, “we can’t do anything about them until next election” nonsense. These swamp monsters are running this country into the ground, and now with Trump in office they’re boldly coming out the shadows exposing themselves as the backstabbers we’ve known them to be while they sabotage his administration.