Mueller Investigation is a Proven Silent Coup to Bring Down Trump – Video

Bob Mueller after conveniently being appointed special counsel got all his pals together who just happened to be all anti-Trump to investigate Trump! How is this witch hunt okay let alone legal when all involved, let’s just say it, hate the President?!? This special investigation is out of control and needs to be shut down. We have FBI agents and upper leadership, as well as members of the DOJ engaged in what can only be considered as a cover-up to protect Clinton and her ilk while searching for the smallest bit of information they can twist into a crime to bring Pres Trump and administration down. What you are witnessing IS a silent coup.

I’ve sat back and watched this farce of an investigation waiting for the information we’ve heard for months, that Mueller staffed his team with obama/ Clinton acolytes, to be confirmed. The headlines from just about every conservative site and blog continue to come in with one new revelation after another about these people, who are supposed to be down the line only to learn they’re devout democrats, Clinton supporters, who define conflicted and corrupt.

The power brokers of DC are livid an outsider is sitting in the White House upsetting their little world. It’s not just democrats but also republicans involved in this silent coup. Normally, POTUS would have an Attorney General to set things straight and make heads roll, but he (we) got spineless Jeff Sessions who recuses himself at every opportunity, who hides in corner somewhere afraid the democrats will bully him for rightfully speaking out!

Pres Trump needs to tell Jeff Session to take control, start firing people while launching investigations into Mueller, McCabe, Weissmann and Comey. If not, Sessions should resign or be fired immediately, he is a complete and utter failure as Atty General.

The President has no protection right now with so many, on both sides, going after him. Honestly, until Sessions takes action or is fired there’s not much Trump can do. Congress really has no legal authority. They can hold hearings and investigations, BUT the way that normally works when they’re done they then make recommendations to the DOJ to actually go after people! The DOJ is obviously ineffective, leaving the President of the United States in limbo. These are truly treacherous, unprecedented times.

Remember, the attacks on him are attacks on every single American who voted for him. What do we do? Honestly I don’t know, something like this really hasn’t ever happened before. One thing is clear though, the time is coming for the American people to stand up against this massive machine that is insanely drunk with power. So drunk they think they can do anything they want from generally acting lawless, over taxing us, being perverts facing no consequences to attempting to remove the President of the United States because they don’t like him!