Rep Jordan Presses AG Sessions to Appoint Special Counsel (Video)

Jim Jordan justifiably grilled Attorney General Jeff Sessions at the House Judiciary hearing over why there hasn’t been any action from the DOJ with regards to Uranium One and the Clinton Foundation and the highly questionable actions of the Clinton campaign funding the anti-Trump dossier. Sessions suggested there has to be sufficient evidence, “factual basis”, to appoint a special counsel where Jordan then fired back making the case as clear as day an investigation from the DOJ or special counsel is warranted.

There is something going on we are not privy to for Sessions to do a 180° from being the guy who use to bring the thunder down but now is guarded, not pro-active even appears to cower to dems.

The Clinton campaign has potentially violated election law, colluded with the Russians that equated to actual monetary payoffs in an attempt to steal the election, Clinton and her husband have jeopardized national security from the email scandal to dealing with the Russians selling off uranium rights. This isn’t a right or left issue, or one defending their “team”. The Clinton’s have only 1 team and that is themselves, dems should realize that, and understand they too were screwed over!

Sessions better have an investigation going on the Clinton’s or should resign.