Rep Gohmert Suggests Hillary May Be “in Stripes” if Clinton-Russia Records Are Released (Video)

On the eve of his testimony before the House Judiciary Committee, Jeff Sessions announced the DOJ is looking into appointing special counsel to investigate the Uranium One deal and the Clinton Foundation. Reps Louie Gohmert, Matt Gaetz and Andy Biggs discuss this news and the clear corruption we’re witnessing to protect cover-up the Clinton Crime Family’s business by rogue DOJ personnel including Rod Rosenstein and Bob Mueller.

It would appear after numerous letters sent to the DOJ Jeff Sessions may have gotten the hint Congress, and the American people for that matter, are beyond tired of his inaction. Hillary needs to be under full criminal investigation, hopefully this is the start.

Take note Rep Gohmert doesn’t hide his disdain for Rod Rosenstein, he like Mueller is dirty. Both were more or less implicated by Gohmert of being involved in a cover-up on Uranium One. Pay attention to how these people react in the coming weeks, especially on the high possibility of a special prosecutor being appointed. The first choice for special counsel, if its necessary, Judge Nap says its not, should be…

Rudy Giuliani!

If you want results, and the truth to be uncovered you’re going to need someone seasoned like Giuliani who will not blink when guys like Rosenstein, Comey and Mueller (They are deeply involved) try to bite back; and they will with the DNC, and media defending them all the way, along with others the Clinton’s will get to attack whomever is appointed. Giuliani had the mob gunning for him for years and it didn’t phase him, being special counsel investigating the Clinton Crime Family would be like old times!

This is a good first step but don’t hold your breath. Based on this govt’s history of dealing with corrupt politicians as much as we’d like to see it, odds are Hillary will never be seen wearing stripes.