Chuck Todd: Mitch McConnell “Orchestrated” WaPo Smear Against Moore (Video)

Well now it’s not often you’ll find yourself in agreement with Chuck Todd and MSNBC but he is definitely onto to something with this charge he makes against Senate Majority Ldr Mitch McConnell. Regardless of where you stand on the Roy Moore fiasco one thing is clear, the attack (true or not) was most definitely orchestrated.

Moore has been controversial for a very long time, how is it none of the accusers ever came forward in the past when he was in the headlines? Please don’t say they did now as a result of the Harvey Weinstein effect that finally gave them the courage either. McConnell and company had confidence their guy, Luther Strange, would win the AL primary only to get a wake up call the people weren’t interested, choosing Moore instead. It would appear his win blindsided McConnell and co in the same way Pres Trump did when he won the primaries and then the presidency. The elites repeatedly have underestimated the outsider candidates, so it’s no wonder, prior to this special election, these accusations hit the wire with the hopes of derailing Moore.

And just by coincidence the calls coming from establishment GOP for Moore to step down are accompanied with solutions that include a backdoor way to get Strange into that Senate seat! Who is leading this charge? Mitch McConnell. Who wants to bet the source of WaPo tip to find Moore victims came from someone tied to McConnell?