Judge Napolitano: We Need an Attorney General That Does His Job (Video)

It is time for Jeff Sessions to resign, or be fired, when Pres Trump gets back to the US. The Senator who had us all believing he was “Mr Law and Order” for years has turned out to be one of the biggest disappoints, if not failures. For the record, yours truly was and remains the only one who warned about current Congress members being appointed to cabinet positions, asking “Who will replace _?”. Not only did we lose a decent Senator, we now have an ineffective/ impotent AG, AND to make matters worse his Senate seat appears to be on its way to being taken over by the democrats because of the Roy Moore fiasco.

Judge Napolitano is correct, there is no reason for Sessions to appoint a new special counsel, or appoint others on any other issues, he needs to do the job he was hired to do and stop cowering the bullies in the democrat party. His predecessors (Lynch & Holder) didn’t recuse themselves from every single scandal we saw in the obama regime, yet Sessions takes a step back on almost anything even remotely tied to Russia, Russia, Russia.

Jeff Sessions fooled us he would run the DOJ by the letter of the law, to bring justice to the land. He fooled us in the same way the GOP fooled us they would repeal obamacare. Everyday he remains AG, he does more damage to the Trump admin through non-action. Sessions has done nothing about clear violations of federal laws.
– Hillary Clinton should be under full criminal investigation for violating federal laws with regards to her emails, Uranium One and then some.
– Comey, Mueller, Rosenstein and several other lackey’s should be under federal investigation for the roles they’ve played in Uranium One, and the email scandal.
– CA Gov Brown, and many other sanctuary city/ state leaders should have been arrested for outright violating federal immigration laws aiding and abetting illegal aliens.

Sessions is a disaster and has to go.