Antifa Wannabe Leftist Harasses a Gun Store Owner, Throws Bibles at Store! (Video)

Don Teague, owner of Private Sector Arms in Olympia WA, had the unfortunate pleasure of having to deal with an antifa Leftist. This person (cannot tell if it is male or female) decked out in black, from head to toe, entered PSA and from the onset harassed Teague. To his credit Teague was incredibly patient and tolerant of this person that was in the store looking for confrontation, but he wasn’t about to give it what it wants. The Leftist asked whether or not Teague breaks the law, is a nazi, wanted to know if he sold weapons to Jews (“k*kes”), suggested colonial flags were symbols of nazis and was about as annoying as you would suspect.

There are free Bibles on display in the store and or course this creature took notice, where they were offered one. Of course at Teague’s offer (“read it burn it do whatever you want”) this thing asked if it could have of all them, claiming they have friends where it was permitted. After having enough of this massive waste of flesh it finally exited the store after being asked to leave multiple times, where it proceeded to throw the Bibles around, it said it wanted for all of its friends, at the store window and on the roof!

This creature was probing to see how far it could go or was on a martyrdom/ suicide mission that backfired. Think about it, had this thing walked into the wrong place where it would have been engaged in confrontation it was probably hoping tension would get so high violence would follow, where a “nazi gun owner” would have gunned it down! Teague never took its bait for confrontation, demonstrating the majority of gun shop owners are as cool and calm as they come, clearly refusing service when it asked if it could buy something. Another talking point the Left loses on.

After the cops show up there’s really nothing they can do. They didn’t see it and the monster, whom they reveal is male, didn’t break any laws. This is all the more reason, and an example as to why, people need to arm themselves, because next time it may not go down so peacefully.

Granted this was an isolated, defused situation, it is a sign of escalation. Leftists become emboldened after every confrontation they have with the Right. The more bold and violent antifa will see this, they will see where and how this thing went wrong and try to repeat it where the end result may end up on every news network. Do not dismiss or underestimate these people. This creatures mission is unknown, probably a loner looking for attention and internet fame. It won’t get it, but the monsters who have set streets a blaze, attacked people they perceive as “nazis” and “fascists” will see this as a new tactic; to enter businesses with the intent to provoke shop owners, workers into physical violence.