Pirro Makes the Case How Dangerous the Left Has Become (Video)

Judge Pirro gave a great opener about how the Left has normalized hate and violence against anyone opposed to their twisted ideology. Ironically the newest incarnation of Leftist foot soldiers call themselves antifa, anti-fascist, yet they are the ones who are in fact acting like fascists. They hate govt, rule of law, and anyone who is not standing shoulder to shoulder with them on a myriad of issues from race to gender.

History has proven time and again most of the heinous acts of violence are at the hands of Leftists.

These are indisputable facts:
Riots in Berkeley and at UC Berkeley over conservative speech
Democrats, Leftists have attacked and assaulted Trump supporters, republicans and conservatives at rallies and political events.
Democrat lawmakers attacked a republican lawmaker on the TX House floor.
Democrat/ Leftist attempted to assassinate republican lawmakers shifting the balance of power in Congress!
A Leftist viciously attacked Sen Rand Paul, leaving him with broken ribs and some internal injuries

There are plenty more instances of violence committed by the Left against Trump supporters, or really anyone who disagrees with them. So where are their leaders to denounce the violence? Leadership is nowhere to be found for the most part, if anything they encourage through coded language as we’ve seen from Hillary, Loretta Lynch and many others preaching to fight the right.

And then after one of their own goes on a rampage leaders on the Left always blame the weapon or even the victims! It’s the guns fault, or so and so should not have used that kind of language.

These people are throwing gasoline on a fire they will not be able to put out. They haven’t learned their lesson yet over the last year how in many instances people on the right are starting to fight back. That resistance from the right is still quite restrained, but sooner or later this poking of the Left is going to set the right off where there is going to be a body count on both sides. All because they can’t handle words and lost an election!