Pelosi & Schumer Adamant DACA Will Be Funded in Omnibus Spending Bill (Video)

Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer are both very confident and adamant Congress will include funding for DACA/ DREAMers in the next omnibus spending bill with Republican support! Schumer is so confident of it going through he believes Pres Trump will not veto it.

The money they are talking about in the spending bill is YOUR MONEY America. That is your tax dollars DC as a whole loves to play games with because they think it is their money to play with!

DREAMers regardless of what age and how they entered the US are ILLEGAL ALIENS. No one cares they were brought here as babies or small children. Hell I don’t care if their mother went into labor literally on the Mexican/ Canadian border line and the baby popped out on the American side! They’re in the US illegally, they have no rights to be here let alone be given all the freebies they’ve been given at taxpayers expense!

US citizens are clearly treated like second class citizens to illegal aliens and this has to stop. It is beyond insulting, actually infuriating over how the democrat party panders to these people, offering them the world, while Americans continue to struggle. Not everyone has a hand in the stock market and is making barrels of money. Many Americans, still topping 93M, remain unemployed and out of the work force. If you’ve frequented this site you know the unemployment numbers are bs, UE remains high at 21.6%.

There is only one solution Americans will agree on to allow DREAMers/ illegal aliens to stay in the US. If these conditions aren’t met by Congress not 1 penny should go to illegals.