DHS Warns Terror Threat of Weaponized Drones (Video)

Terrorists have been successfully using weaponized drones in the middle east. It is just a question of time until we see attacks carried out in the US. National security analyst Aaron Cohen makes it clear the report was specific with regards to the use of explosives, grenades which are very difficult to acquire, but that doesn’t mean it can’t happen in the US. DIY’s for the heck of it have already attached firearms and incendiary devices to drones to show it can be done. Drones are readily available and easy to operate, so the question is how do we defend against them!?

There really aren’t many ways to defend against a drone right now. Some devices are capable of jamming radio frequency, others have built projectile type nets, or some are suggesting using a swarm of drones to more or less crash into a weaponized drone. That’s fine and great if you’re at a stadium or some event where there is a large presence of law enforcement where such devices can be deployed, but for the avg person on the street (ie soft targets) what do we do?

We not only have to keep our eyes open for ground launched attacks but also airborne attacks now. That is the price you pay for living in a free society. That said, and to call their bluff, where are the democrats who jump at gun control after every mass killing? They want to take preemptive measures by banning all guns(that is what they really want), why aren’t they calling for a ban on drones? Or, will that happen after we finally have a drone attack on US soil!?

The threat does exist but it’s remote right now, and I have to agree with Cohen, soft targets attacks via vehicle, improvised bombs, mass shooting etc should be the concern. While you keep your head on a swivel, look up from time to time…