Fmr FBI Asst Dir Rips Into “Political Hack” Comey and Sessions is in a Coma! (Video)

Former FBI Assistant Director James Kallstrom didn’t hold back how he really felt about fmr FBI Dir James Comey, calling him a political hack for obama and the Clinton Crime Syndicate! Listening to his criticism over the antics of Comey and company you have to wonder why he is the only one from the Bureau speaking out? Surely there are more agents within the FBI who are not happy with what is going on where the reputation and credibility has been seriously tarnished.

Kallstrom also called Jeff Sessions out for more or less being in a coma with everything going on. Sessions has turned out to be one of the biggest disappoints in the Trump admin. Frankly it’s puzzling how at this point with everything we know how he can continue to remain silent, recusal or not. Comey should be under investigation, Rosenstein, McCabe should be gone as well as Mueller. These people are all obama holdovers, who can be considered part of the Deep State, that are actively sabotaging Pres Trump.

If Sessions doesn’t start making things happen Trump should fire him and maybe replace him with someone like Kallstrom! If that were to happen all the obama/ Clinton loyalists would probably resign vs getting canned by him! And you can be sure we would see heads roll, the Clinton’s would be under investigation and maybe some of these people will be on their way to prison.