Jim Jordan: Different Set of Rules if Your Last Name is Clinton, Comey or Lynch (Video)

Jim Jordan is one of the few [Rebel] within Congress who actually wants to get the bottom of the real Russian collusion story. His short outline of everything we know as of today is clear the evidence that is public warrants a special investigation but nothing will happen. Everything Pres Trump has been accused of, with no proof, Hillary and the DNC actually did. Hillary is as crooked as they come, she put national security behind personal gain, tried to steal an election with a false story while also trying to set up Don Trump Jr.

Why is Jeff Sessions MIA on all of this? “He recused himself”, yea so? He said he would, but one recusing them self is not legally binding, he didn’t sign some contract. What we know as of now is enough for Sessions to come forward and take action, but he won’t. Why?

Jeff Sessions’ silence and lack of action only confirms what Jim Comey confirmed last year, that Jordan is saying here, that the US is a Banana Republic. We have two sets of rules: One set for we the peons, the other for the ruling elites like the Clinton’s. There is no other explanation because as I’m sure you’ve heard it a million times now, if any of us did a fraction of what Hillary AND Bill have done we would be in prison right now. But because of 2 rule system they are sitting on what $250 million, at our expense mind you when they got paid by the Russians for the Uranium One deal!

Something has to change in this country. People talk about Trump draining the swamp, well he isn’t the one that’s going to do it. It’s on you and everyone you know to run those DC swamp monsters into obscurity and fill, not drain, the swamp with concrete!