128 Countries Give Americans Early Christmas Gift, Vote to Have Aid Cut Off by Condemning Trump Admin – Video

The UN General Assembly voted 128-9 in condemnation of the US acknowledging Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Exactly who do any of the leaders of these countries think they are to tell another nation where it can or cannot have its capital, let alone where the US can place an embassy!? They show no respect for America while having their hands out waiting for the next influx of US dollars to keep their global scam running.

These 128 countries have in fact voted to have US financial aid cut off. The American people thank all of them for giving us this early Christmas gift, because unlike past US leaders we now have a President who doesn’t care about one’s feelings. You guys want to play hardball fine have at it but you can do it without Americans money! There is no reason for the US to remain in the UN, its original purpose has been forgotten, the organization is ineffective for the most part. In most cases of conflict and disaster the US one way or another comes to the rescue. There are over 300 million Americans who would rather see OUR TAX DOLLARS being spent on ourselves rather than handed out to undeserving, ungrateful nations… here are the numbers that should make your blood boil!

One of the best things we’ve gotten from the Trump presidency is that it has put light on all the cockroaches in the US and around the world. We are now seeing who are and aren’t our friends globally and our enemies within our own borders!