Obama’s DREAMers Stage Die-In on Capitol Hill – Video

Good grief first we had pink p__y hats for all the alleged oppressed women in America organized by a radical islamist. Now we have obama’s DREAMers sporting orange hats as they stage a die-in demanding the passage of the DREAM Act! What’s with the Left and their wacky costumes?

First things first, obama had NO legal authority to issue DACA, he admitted it was NOT amnesty, immunity, nor a path to citizenship.

But thanks to hiss illegal activity we now have DREAMers, aka ILLEGAL ALIENS, demanding DACA be made into law, granting them amnesty! They want everything he said his executive order was never intended to be!!

Second, and many will disagree but too bad this IS the truth, illegal aliens, regardless  when or how they got into the USA have NO rights under the US Constitution. The only “right” they’re entitled to is an immigration hearing. Libs will no doubt challenge this, but facts are facts, he US Constitution is NOT a treaty with the world. Experts, like Fmr Atty Gen Michael Mukasey’s resume, supersedes their opinions and feelings on this issue. That said illegal aliens need to understand they don’t have a right to protest in America. DREAMers seem to think that because they were brought into the US at a young age they are entitled to all the rights of a citizen simply because they grew up here, sorry but no they are not.

The American people will not stand for amnesty, that is what the DREAM Act is, given to anyone at any age for whatever excuse they use. Furthermore, Congress cannot be trusted to right such law because even though they admit chain migration is a problem, someone will sneak it in where those approx 800K DREAMers will try to get the whole family included.

Can they stay? Yes but there are 10 conditions that must be met for Americans to even consider such a bill going through. If not all bets are off and anyone.. ANYONE in GOP even tries to push the issue they will be run right out of office.

One last thing, obama bypassed the law in 2012, why haven’t these DREAMers taken the initiative to make things right, apply for citizenship in the last 5 years?? Yea, exactly. They just want someone to make a law and grant them amnesty. To hell with them!