Fmr Atty Gen Mukasey: Immigrants “Have No Rights Under US Constitution” (Video)

Just going to drop this here for those who want facts as they argue with arm-chair Constitutional scholars and unhinged liberals making up rules and laws. Fmr Atty Gen Mukasey made it clear aliens are only entitled to a hearing, they are not entitled to all the benefits and protections under the US Constitution. Libs will no doubt challenge this, but facts are facts, to where Mukasey’s resume supersedes libs opinions and feelings.

Take note Mukasey points out DHS funded a program that developed a technique which uses series of questions that takes 5-7 minutes to be asked currently being used in many countries but not the US. Maria Bartiromo makes sure viewers know that under the obama admin DHS refused to use it, as Mukasey explained because the technique is too invasive of the people’s privacy being questioned!