Judge Pirro to Sanctuary City Mayors: “Law and Order is Back” in the White House (Video)

Mayors are violating their oath and should be removed from office.

Pirro did a great job firing off on the corrupt lawless mayors of approx 300 sanctuary cities in the US who think it’s okay to ignore federal laws and the President of the US. Trump has rightfully issued executive orders to defund these cities where these mayors, (and some governors) by remaining defiant, have more or less sent a clear message they are choosing to protect illegal aliens over law abiding citizens.

What we’re witnessing by these corrupt mayors is the fruit from the seeds of chaos obama planted. This defiance and resistance is obama’s legacy that Trump has to correct by issuing exec orders to simply have law, already on the books, enforced! Furthermore these mayors (and some govs) are all breaking federal laws, regardless of a Supreme Court ruling that allows them not to aid the govt in enforcement.

8 US Code § 1324 Bringing Harboring Illegal Aliens
8 U.S. Code § 1324

8 US Code § 1327 Aiding or assisting certain aliens to enter
US Code 8 1327 Aiding aliens

8 US Code § 1324a – Unlawful employment of aliens

By harboring, aiding and in many casing employing illegal aliens, these mayors have opened the door to criminal prosecution! If only we had an Attorney General to arrest and prosecute them….

The Judge didn’t point it out but this defiance to enforce laws and encouraging lawlessness is borderline act of rebellion or sedition as well.

18 US Code § 2383 – Rebellion or insurrection

The soft coup being committed by democrats didn’t end when their attempts to stop Trump’s presidency failed. These people are dangerous and they are putting Americans lives in danger by maintaining these lawless zones!