Dem Rep Clyburn Says CBC Will Pursue Censure for Trump Over Sh*thole Comment

Rep James Clyburn ran to CNN to let them know the racists in the Congressional Black Caucus will push for censure resolution against Pres Trump for telling the truth how most Americans feel about why the US has to take in people from shithole countries. Keep in mind there is no proof other than Dick Durbin, who has a history of telling fibs, that Trump actually called third world nations shitholes.

Someone should explain to Clyburn the dems are a minority and have no power in Congress. And let that be a warning to each and every one of you reading this, these monsters cannot be allowed to regain majority. The destruction they will do to this country in spite will make people wishing for obama was still POTUS!!

The CBC is a pack of racists who spin everything they disagree with as racist.

Curious if CBC feels so strongly that Haiti, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Somalia etc are not shitholes why aren’t they vacationing in these countries with their families? Better yet, if these countries are so wonderful why are the people there in such a hurry to get out?!

The truth is all these countries ARE shitholes, democrats don’t want to talk about them because said countries are run by corrupt Leftist politicians who are very much like them. The other reason they don’t want the truth to be told is because there are shithole towns and cities in the US who have the unfortunate luck of being under democrat rule for decades. The last thing dems want is that connection being made, so the pull the race card and threaten censure.

Lastly, keep in mind the standard Trump is being held to is that of obama… the same guy who spent 8 yrs trashing America, bowing down to foreign leaders, emboldening our enemies, a real beta-male!