DNC Vice Chair Ellison Says Dems Must Support Clean DREAM Act or They’re on Their Own

Keith Ellison, DNC Vice Chair, made it official for anyone running on democrat ticket that the DNC has a litmus test where candidates must support a clean DREAM Act or they’re on their own! Why must they support DACA? Votes. All DREAMers, illegals and other “immigrants” mean to the Left are votes to stay in power. Dems don’t care about you America, all they care about is money, power and control. They want this new pool of voters so they can control every aspect of your life and get one step closer to one party rule.

Dems know all they have to do is change the demographics and wait it out to become the ruling power. They did it California, where repubs will NEVER hold majority again and are more or less a “species” going extinct in the state. Colorado was once a Red state, now Blue after many radical leftists moved from CA and other dem controlled states. They’re in the process of total control in North Carolina, with Arizona and many other “Red” states to follow. Remember progressive work over the long term to achieve their goals.