WATCH! Alyssa Milano is Busing Illegal Aliens Around to Bully GOP Congressman on DACA

Well, well, well Alyssa Milano joined in with illegal aliens in an attempt to bully and intimate GOP Rep Ed Royce over DACA. Newsflash Alyssa, DREAMers aka illegal aliens are NOT US citizens, they have NO RIGHTS to protest in America! The only right they are entitled to is an immigration hearing! You are in fact engaged in illegal protest!

There will be NO clean DACA bill, there will be no amnesty for these illegal aliens, the Wall will be built. Milano and her pervert ilk in Hollywood are sending a clear message to the American people they hate you! They care more about illegal aliens than US citizens, national security and sovereignty. For the record when obama announced DACA in 2012, none of his precious DREAMers have taken any action to make things right. None of them have applied for citizenship, they are just waiting for politicians to cave, make them legal citizens with the stroke of a pen.

Take a look folks, the Hollywood has-been is really roughing it, riding around in an air-conditioned bus wearing a DACA shirt she didn’t pay for and chanting a stupid slogan.

(FWD 7:46, cameras focus on Milano)

Hey Alyssa what’s with the bodyguard? You rant and rave about gun control and are against people having weapons, but it’s safe to assume this guy you had at your side was most definitely carrying a weapon. So what’s the deal, you can have armed protection but the rest of us who can’t afford a bodyguard can’t own a weapon? You are such a hypocrite!

Props to the Trump supporters counter protesting these illegal aliens and the Hollywood elitist. We need to see counter protests that shut these anti-Americans down.