CNN Goes Off Deep End Claims Trump is “Racist” Over ‘Sh*thole’ Comment

As you would expect the media went into a complete tailspin over Pres Trump asking why, during a meeting on immigration with lawmakers, the US has to accept people coming from “shithole countries”, like Haiti, Central American and African countries. CNN of course took it to the next level suggesting the comment was racist, but is it? If Haiti, African countries, El Salvador, etc are such great places to live why are people doing everything possible to escape from them and come to the US, many illegally?

The truth of the matter is Trump is right, the countries many “immigrants” come from are shitholes. They don’t have running/ clean water, paved roads, high unemployment, govts are corrupt, crime is rampant, criminal underworld has grasp on communities etc none of these facts are racist. But you won’t hear the media let alone CNN point any of this out. No, as usual they look for anything to pin racist to Trump because they hate him for beating their queen, Hillary. That is all any of this is about, Hillary lost and because she’s not in power the border isn’t wide open for people to enter the US from SHITHOLE countries she and the dems would have handed everything, including citizenship… āžœ voting rights to. It’s all about money, power and control, it always is, the media and Leftists couldn’t careless about the “immigrants” coming here.

There’s nothing racist about what Trump said, it’s the truth and now for the next week this is all the Left will focus on until they come up with a new attack.