MSNBC Guest Says ‘Tyrannical’ Trump Turning America Into ‘Real S-Hole’

Author and political analyst, Anand Giridharadas (w/his HeatMiser doo), appeared on Morning Joe to give his expert opinion on the effect of Trump’s presidency on America. According to him the US is being turned into a shithole because POTUS is “man-child, who is deranged and racist in office.”

Apparently the economy doing well at 4% GDP, stock market making news highs, unemployment coming down (it does have a LONG way to go as reported on this site), tax reform putting more money in peoples pocket etc are the equivalent to corrupt govts living high while majority of the population lives in poverty in ghettos, being forced to drink the same water used for bathing an waste, criminal underworld rules the streets etc!

This is just absurd, and it’s baffling how MSNBC or any of the other members of obama’s propaganda network still consider themselves news organizations. Fox News has had it moments but they never paraded out one person after another attacking obama as the the media does to Trump. They really think they’re doing good for the nation with the 24/7/365 hatefest.

By all means don’t stop MSNBC, please keep pushing the hate, it’s working out so well for Leftists.