WATCH! Pres Trump KICKS CNN’s Jim Acosta “Out” of Oval Office

This was great, proving how disrespectful and how much of a liar CNN’s Jim Acosta is toward the President of the United States.

The Pres took some questions during his meeting with the president of Kazakhstan in the Oval Office as he always does with foreign leaders. After making some comments on the economy Trump ended it thanking the press, which was their cue to leave, but not Jim Acosta. No the obnoxious, disrespectful CNN WH CHIEF correspondent continued to volley questions at POTUS on immigration baiting him in a racist structured question, where POTUS kindly responded, “I want them to come in from everywhere, everywhere.” After that Trump again said “Thank you” and you can hear a female aide saying “thank you” repeatedly as Acosta continues to asks questions causing the aid to address him directly “Thank you Jim” where Trump finally looked directly at him and said “Out”.

(Full vid below)

Now at no time was the President acting like a third world dictator but that is what Acosta wants people to believe as he had a meltdown on Twitter…

Furthermore Acosta claimed WH staff were shouting in his face in the Roosevelt room to silence him…

You have the video right in front of you America, do you see how the media lies? Do you see how they create the narratives against POTUS? This is why 99% of the posts on this site are video, so you can see and hear people in their own words and actions. So you can see they are LYING to you to advance their destroy America agenda.

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