Trump and GOP Are Committing Political Suicide on DACA and Immigration Reform

DACA is not law, it was an illegal/ unconstitutional action by a lawless president [obama] via memorandum to DHS. It was not even an executive order or action, yet EVERYONE, progressive repubs and dems, treat it as if it is a law with a sunset for this March that must be renewed.

DREAMers are ILLEGAL ALIENS. No one cares how and what age they illegally entered the US. For POTUS and company to sit in the conference room today negotiating with democrats to pass DACA/ grant amnesty is political suicide. Democrats have NO intention on following through on any of their “promises” of border security in trade for granting DREAMers AMNESTY. The Wall will not be built if it is included in any comprehensive bill, funding for its construction must be on a stand alone security bill, tethering it to anything will end up in disaster like we saw after ’86.  Democrats ARE NOT in favor of border security regardless of what Steny Hoyer and others claim. They want illegals granted amnesty because they want the votes. They know it will lead to one party rule, as the theory has been proven in California, whose demographics have been radically changed resulting in it being under permanent one party rule.

Just as progressives SCREWED Pres Reagan over in ’86 on immigration the same will happen to Pres Trump. These people, progressive R’s & D’s, have done nothing to date to earn the American people’s trust, or give any confidence they’ll act in our and the nations best interests with regards to immigration.

Furthermore these DREAMers have done absolutely NOTHING to deserve amnesty. Again they are ILLEGAL ALIENS and when obama made the announcement in 2012 NONE OF THEM took any steps to make things right to date!

DREAMers have not applied for citizenship, they have for the most part sat on the sidelines waiting for someone to make them legal with the stroke of a pen. It would appear after today’s meeting Trump and the GOP are going to do just that.

ANYONE in the GOP moving forward on granting amnesty to DACA/ DREAMers aka illegal aliens is sending a clear message to their constituents they care more about illegals than US citizens. They are committing political suicide who will be run out of office, allowing the democrats to regain majorities in the House and Senate and Pres Trump could very well be impeached.