Another Hollywood Elitist Calls For Gun Control Following Parkland School Shooting (Video)

Oh boy another Hollywood elitist telling the country it’s time to ban guns! What is wrong with these people? Does Mayim “Blossom” Bialik really believe more gun control and gun bans is going to have any effect on criminals, evil doers, violent mentally ill and terrorists? I’ve asked a question that has been posted repeatedly on Twitter but has yet to be answered BY ANYONE!

Liberals, democrats, gun control lobbyists and you Ms Bialik please explain why you think criminals, evil doers, violent mentally ill and terrorists will comply if you got your way with the strictest of gun control laws passed and enacted, if not total confiscation?

What have these people done in their lives of crime and terror to indicate they’ll stop using weapons if another law is passed? Do you understand that by their very nature they do not follow the law? And lastly, what will you do when the next attack occurs where a vehicle or pressure cooker is used?

All the problems Blossom points out(with the exception of “toxic masculinity”), but then dismisses, are the actual problems and root causes of these attacks. The weapon is an inanimate object, if you ban it these monsters will use something else and honestly, this will trigger some of you, the idea of one of these loons effectively using a vehicle or bomb is more concerning than an AR-15. Frankly, those who have used the weapon are lousy shots when you hear about how much ammo they used to the number of victims. IMO they’ll rack up larger bodycount using other more intense weapons!

Another law is not going to stop the next mass shooting that will happen. Having people on the ground prepared to repel said threat will. Someone should ask Blossom why she is okay with her money and stuff being protected but not kids in schools!

Take note how Blossom and countless others are all pushing almost the same exact plan to go after politicians backed by the NRA. It’s quite orchestrated, almost as if some anti-gun lobby group outlined talking points and shared them to anyone who can get in front of a camera! Gee who has that kind of power and reach????

By the way the money the NRA donates to politicians is “crumbs” compared to what the Unions, Soros, Bloomberg, Steyer, Gates, Zuckerberg and countless other super wealthy Leftists, including Hollywood elitists, donate to politicians! Blossom of course conveniently leaves all of that out!

With regards to the national walk out, will they be protesting at the FBI headquarters because this shooting is their fault?

Oh and Blossom the US is NOT a democracy (mob rule), it’s a Republic (rule of law)!