Anti-Gun Protesters Attack and Berate Single Counter Protester at White House (Video)

Leftists are all about peace unless you cross them and then it’s on. It doesn’t matter what age Leftists are, in general they do not have the ability to control themselves nor contain their rage if you go against their ideology. Here we have students, uninformed children, protesting out in front of the White House, conducting a “die-in”, over gun control. When a lone pro-gun counter protester shows up they went on the attack.

As always these monsters are all in favor of the Constitution so long as they’re on the winning side. God forbid someone shows up with a differing opinion, they take it upon themselves to silence opposition and then use profane language in unhinged, inaccurate rants. Kid in black says one of the scariest things one could possibly say, he’s more or less willing to give up liberty for temporary security!

And hey let’s give a shout out to the only honest person there, some guy off camera saying what they all really want – repealing the Second Amendment.

One wonders what these mindless useless idiots would do if they were challenged to ask democrats, who pander to them, why they protect their money and stuff but choose to leave these kids to the wolves! Better yet, someone should ask them why they’re not protesting out in front of the FBI headquarters since this shooting is the Bureau’s fault. Then again asking either of these questions would probably get you lynched, since these unhinged violent Leftists react to the truth like sunlight to a vampire!