CBS Claims Trump Only Cares About Gun Crimes When Committed by Immigrants & Mentally Ill (Video)

Former Fox News White House correspondent Major Garrett seems to have completed his conversion to Leftist ideology, since joining CBS News, by attacking President Trump for how he has reacted to the Parkland shooting and other crimes stating,

“A pattern is emerging with President Trump and high-profile crimes. When committed by immigrants, legal or otherwise, there are rapid calls for new and restrictive policies. After mass shootings, the White House tendency is to say, ‘Wait, gather facts.’”

Garrett is clearly pushing the race card suggesting Trump only cares when crimes involve illegals and running with the “guns are the problem” narrative the Left is driving with hopes of restricting Americans gun rights. It’s the same song and dance after every mass shooting, where the media wants guns abolished because they think that will stop evil.

Newflash, you can take all the guns away today, a lunatic to a terrorist will still find a way to kill a large number of people with something else, be it a knife, vehicle or a homemade bomb built in a pressure cooker.

Guns don’t kill people. People kill people with guns. Restricting them only punishes law-abiding Americans, meanwhile criminals, terrorists and loons are going about their business because by their very nature they don’t follow the law! Garrett knows this, but the paycheck from CBS has clearly overridden the logic side of his brain.

Trump killed the obama regulation Garrett cites because it was violating those on Social Security and Disability Constitutional rights by deeming them mentally ill. It put them in NICS all because they couldn’t handle their finances. This regulation was so bad the American Association of People with Disabilities and ACLU came out against it because there was no due process. In a nutshell it was the obama admins way of backdoor gun regulation, where, had they had more time, they would have passed similar measures for other segments of Americans; vets were next.

This is just more dishonest and HATE Trump type “reporting”.