CNN BUSTED! Shooting Survivor Says Town Hall Event Was Scripted, Wasn’t Allowed to Ask His Own Questions (Video)

If anyone caught CNN’s town hall on gun control, over the Parkland shooting, it was clear the event was beyond biased, more of a hate fest against the Second Amendment, NRA and the GOP. Many Stoneman Douglas High School students were given the opportunity to ask any offensive question they wanted (so it appeared), be as rude as they wanted to the praise of the audience, except one.

One survivor didn’t have the opportunity to speak because CNN was in complete control of the event, going so far as to dictate what questions were asked. JROTC hero Colton Haab, who got students and faculty into a class room to shield them with Kevlar shooting pads, told CBS 10 WPLG the questions he had prepared to ask didn’t fit CNN’s narrative and they wanted him to asked their scripted questions, so he decided not to attend the event!

Tell us again about the Apple CNN. Tell the country how honest and down the line you are showing no bias. You people are hacks. Jake Tapper, people actually had respect for you when you were in the WH press corps as one of the few who attempted to hold the obama regime accountable, but this.. this is reprehensible. You have completely turned to the dark side, and don’t you dare jump on Twitter or open your show with some excuse, or that you “didn’t know”. You knew, the audience was insanely hostile, showing the nation how vicious liberals truly are, and the questions asked support Haab’s claim.

No I don’t care we’re a week out from a tragic shooting either. Did you see the WH discussion with Pres Trump? That’s how this thing should have gone, but instead it was a free-for-all, to see who could dish out the hate best. This was your show, a kangaroo court really, where attendees if given the opportunity would string up every single republican, NRA member and Second Amendment supporter.

CNN is shithole news, they are the COMMUNIST News Network the way they push the radical, unhinged, violent Left’s propaganda.

Be advised Leftists, this hate fest just re-energized Second Amendment supporters. 0bama was the best salesman for 8 years, when he left office and the threat of Hillary replacing him was squashed, things died down. Thanks to you and this anti-gun movement, you can be sure gun sales will be up and expect a fight to protect the Second Amendment. After all without it, your precious right to say the most offensive things possible, under the First Amendment, will be next on the chopping block!