Judge Napolitano: Gun Laws Won’t Be Obeyed By Crazy People (Video)

People on the Left don’t want to hear it but Judge Napolitano, as well as many others, keep saying the same thing over and over again: Criminals, evil doers, crazy people and terrorists DO NOT obey the law.

This is the absolute truth, where even yours truly has posted what must be the scariest question ever to Twitter, so much so NO ONE has answered it!

There is nothing that is going to stop someone from trying to indiscriminately kill people. No law will stop the next mass killing in a school, church, mall or wherever. One of the reasons is because many of these mass shooting sites are deemed gun free zones. Zones created by the radical unhinged Left who are fine protecting their money, stuff, communities (gated/ high-end apts & condos), govt buildings etc, yet REFUSE to have the same security in schools, because they don’t want guns around kids! So they don’t want guns around kids in the school but are fine with it outside of the home!? Uh heh…

Force on force with armed guards, arming teachers and administrators, WHO CHOOSE TO BE ARMED (no one is talking about forcing them to carry), is the only solution to deal with evil. If I’m wrong then someone please post a rational well thought out answer to the question I asked on Twitter.

No one wants to hear about programs to identify whether Johnny or Sue is at risk. By the time you figure it out, say on a Monday and plan to put whatever intervention in motion Thursday or Friday odds are if they’re that far gone come Tuesday or Wednesday you’ll be all over the news!

Lastly, every single one of you reading this is the first responder. DO NOT let anyone tell you otherwise because on avg most active shootings are over in about 3-5mins, where as police response is 8-12mins! Whatever the event is if you’re there first, you’re the first responder who will have to take action be it engage a lunatic, help someone who just crashed or take that lost kid by the hand to help them find their Mommy or Daddy. WE don’t need the govts permission to act and do what’s right.