Leftists Vandalized Billboard Calling to “Kill the NRA”

The NRA is an organization of people, Americans. When you call to kill the organization you’re calling to kill those who support it, regardless of what your intentions may or may not be. The vandalized billboard along I-65 in Louisville, KY is being praised by Leftists who think the NRA is to blame for the actions of another mentally deranged individual. Countless numbers of Leftists, many who identify as “Resistance”, which is also on the board “Resist45”, are reiterating this call for violence going so far as to suggest NRA members are complicit with violence in America, blood is on their hands for every single act of violence committed with a gun. Leftists in general believe all NRA members should be disarmed, and a few of them want to see NRA members killed. They hate guns, but want to use them to kill Second Amendment supporters and NRA members! Like clockwork there are those within their ranks saying “No, no this is just a call to disband the organization!”


This rhetoric from the violent, unhinged Left, being championed by celebrities (who call for civil disobedience to fight gun rights), media and political pundits (aka The Triad) is the same exact rhetoric that led to the attempted assassination of republican lawmakers in Alexandria, VA in June of 2017.

If anything happens to any card-carrying, law-abiding NRA members LIKE MYSELF, those behind this billboard, the trending hashtag on social media or running their mouths on the MSM will be held responsible.

It’s no secret the NRA has a large event coming up in Dallas, TX, anyone even thinking of trying something there won’t get very far.

The Left claims to be peaceful, but they are actually the most violent, dangerous individuals you will ever encounter. Couple this with all the unprovoked attacks and threats over the last couple of years is why so many, including yours truly, have weapons and will never give them up!