Fmr Obama WH Staffer: Trump is “Constitutionally Incapable Being President” (Video)

Alyssa Mastromonaco, obama’s fmr Deputy Chief of Staff of Operations, is just another member of the rogue regime being paraded on the hate Trump news network. Weighing in on the Russia, Russia, Russia narrative, the obama regime was fully aware of but did nothing about, Mastromonaco took it upon herself to now criticize and question how Trump is dealing with Russia following an indictment of 13 operatives who were engaged in election interference, suggesting the President is not “Constitutionally incapable” of leading America.

“It’s your bag. Pick it up, you know? Does that mean that now he doesn’t have to do anything? So, I mean, for most of us, I just think it’s really sad to see someone who literally is constitutionally incapable of being a President and leading. And if he really did care about what Russia did, why didn’t he start a commission? Start a commission.”

Hey Alyssa why didn’t your boss do anything about it Russia? Don’t answer, we know why. Obama didn’t lift a finger about Russia, instead choosing to go on camera trivializing them, because he and everyone in the White House, DOJ, FBI truly believed Hillary was going to win the election! They all thought everything the Russians were up to, along with themselves, would be buried under a Clinton admin. Instead she lost and now the truth is coming out over how corrupt all parties involved really are.

What exactly makes Trump “Constitutionally incapable” of being POTUS? Did he need to be a career politician, corrupt to the core like 98% of DC? Or should he have been a radical member of academia brainwashing students under the progressive anti-America ideology? The fact this guy is an outsider apparently makes him incapable according to Mastromonaco. Clearly she’s not a Constitutional scholar because no where in Article 2 Section 1 does it say anything about an establishment elitist is a requirement to be POTUS. Then again this is the same “genius” who tweeted out this nonsense against the Second Amendment following the Parkland attack.