Exploited Child Accuses the NRA of “Killing Kids” Labels Them as “Toxic” and “Vile” (Video)

For over two weeks now the attacks have only intensified against the NRA for something they had nothing to do. Viewers have yet to see these uneducated useful idiot/ exploited children put any blame on the FBI or the Cowardly Broward Sheriffs dept. These exploited children are doing one hell of a job capitalizing off their dead classmates and teachers, where we know more about them than the dead!

Now we have to give the Left credit, this useful idiot/ exploited child has been well-trained what to say when he gets in front of a camera. Is it just me or does he sound like he’s reading from a script?? Who wants to be he was looking into teleprompter!?

Only a coached drone would accuse the NRA of “killing kids” labeling members really as “toxic” and “vile”. Not sure who, but he was either regurgitating propaganda fed to him by Soros or Bloomberg backed thugs. Most normal people are putting their money on Everytown for the propaganda while it’s Soros thugs bullying companies, this drone enjoys seeing.

Losing a discount with car rental agency or an alarm company isn’t going to stop the NRA from “doing what they are doing” (what exactly is that btw?). The NRA is composed of probably 6 million members now, thanks to drones like Calderon, who seek to preserve our rights, protect our families and property. WE did not fail to act after 2 tips like the FBI. WE did not fail to act after 45 warnings like the Broward Sheriffs. Try all you want KID, you’re not going to beat us.