Louis Farrakhan Confirms DNC’s Keith Ellison Was in Nation of Islam During Anti-Semitic Rant (Video)

While many assumed there was a relationship between Louis Farrakhan and Congressman Keith Ellison, all doubts can be put to rest now. The nation of islam leader confirmed the relationship during a typical bigoted anti-Semitic rant he’s know to give from his bully pulpit.

It looks like Keith Ellison, aka Keith E. Hakim, Keith X or Keith Muhammad, has some explaining to do, because 6 days ago he proclaimed he had “no relationship” with bigot and racist Farrakhan to Wolf Blitzer.

Ellison is a muslim, that’s not crime, but what is bad is his ties to CAIR, muslim brotherhood and this monster Farrakhan. You see how Pres Trump is treated, being called a racist and a nazi because of a minute group of supporters and some people who have been around him. Here we have a US Congressman who is proud of his ties with organizations and people who hate Americans Jews, that are more or less seeking to fundamentally transform the USA, if not see it destroyed!

Keith Ellison does not belong in Congress. He is a clear example of how radical islam has infiltrated every level of govt.