Dem Congresswoman Calls For Assault Weapons and ”Massacre Machine Gun Magazines’ Ban (Video)

While the attack on the Second Amendment and the NRA is infuriating, all the screw-ups from the FBI, Broward Sheriff to clueless liberals running their mouths, like Rep Carolyn Maloney, are hurting the Left’s argument. Screw-ups aside, when Leftists open their mouths they prove they have no idea what they’re talking about, which shows be it banning the AR-15 to large capacity magazines really isn’t the problem. Whatever they’re ranting about generally has nothing to do with the school shooting or other attacks, and exposes them as to how they ignore the real problem of mental health or failure of the very system they want to empower more than it already is!

So Maloney wants to ban ‘massacre machine gun magazines’….

Well only a handful of Americans have machine guns, and that’s after going through an extensive background check by the ATF, not to mention having anywhere from $10-$40+K for said weapon! How would such a banana ‘massacre machine gun magazines’ stop a terrorist, evil doer, criminal or nut job from going on another rampage? What’s an “assault weapon” btw? Assault is a verb, it describes an act of violence committed against another. Does this mean Maloney will want vehicles, knives, tools, sporting equipments, masonry, rocks or ones hands banned as well?

For the record since 1989 the ATF has been unable to define what an “assault weapon” is. Even GOP Rep Mast, who is going back on a campaign promise was able to define what one is but thinks AR-15’s will fit!

The Left by all means should continue showing the country how clueless they on when it comes to firearms. Granted some useful idiots will run with their bs, but the majority are seeing how futile this latest attack is as the truth comes out. You would think they would learn a lesson by now after being wrong after every single tragedy! If they were smart dems would focus on how to stop the monsters killing and protect children. Then again they don’t because then they’d have nothing to campaign and fund raise off of!