GOP Veteran Supports Assault Weapons Ban (Video)

Rep Brian Mast wrote an NYT op-ed and then appeared on CNN (of course) to defend his call to ban “assault weapons” and the AR-15. Mast is a veteran who lost his legs in combat, a sacrifice we can never thank him enough for, but the adulation ends there. He posted a video when campaigning that he would defend our Second Amendment rights saying:

“I think most people who know me know that the Second Amendment is something that’s very important to me. The fact of the matter is I look down the barrel of a rifle for the bulk of my adult life, and I believe that our country was founded with the intent for all Americans to have the right to bear arms. I can tell you I don’t want to live in a country where criminals are the only ones that have access to guns. You know during my military career I’ve had to defend myself, I had to fire my weapon on the battlefield and I don’t believe that any person should become a victim or some statistic of violent crime because they weren’t allowed to defend themselves or because they didn’t have the ability to shoot back. I would encourage our lawmakers who are out there calling for gun confiscation to take a look at some of the horrific events occurring around the world … These attacks they all could have been prevented were there people present who were prepared to defend themselves. Our right to defend ourselves it’s not man-made, this is a God-given right and the Second Amendment, it’s what ensures that the government cannot steal this God-given right from us and I’m gonna do everything that I can to uphold it.”

I heard everything he had to say making his rounds in the media and in his NYT op-ed, comparing the AR to an M4…

…The Congressman is going back on his word and that is unforgivable.

The Founders were clear in their intentions, that the people had a right to be armed as well as the govt, which they may one day have to deal with. Mast sees it otherwise from his experience suggesting these weapons are not meant for civilians. He admits in his op-ed he can’t define what an “assault weapon” is yet argues an AR will fit the definition. Well I guess so if you want to rewrite facts! If he feels this way about an AR whats next a Mini-14, a full M-14, what about all the heavy caliber rifles that dwarfs a .223/5.56 round?? Where does it stop? Should we only have bolt action rifles? He has become the very lawmaker he calls out in his video seeking to confiscate weapons!

I’ve had enough of this from the double talkers in Washington – enjoy your one term Congressman. I will do everything in my power to see you primaried out.

**By the way this is more proof Florida is turning Blue… Don’t ever forget I WARNED YOU.