NRA’s Dana Loesch Schools CNN Host During Heated Interview Over Gun Control (Video)

If you’re a fan of Dana Loesch’s, or maybe not, but despise CNN this will bring a smile to your face as the NRA’s spokeswoman takes CNN’s Alisyn Camerota to the woodshed! Point after point Dana dismantled Camerota’s argument with truth and facts literally at the start.

If CNN wasn’t after ratings after mass shootings why do they parade victims, their families on air 24/7? They do everything possible to push their agenda after each and every one, yet this woman claims “No we don’t”! Uh huh. They care about mass shootings because they get high ratings based on how this network presents them. They attack the NRA, conservatives, pro-2A politicians and pundits like Loesch, because it’s like throwing blood in the water to sharks (liberals who hate all of the above). If CNN is doing this kind of programming because they care, then where is their town hall for those mothers who’ve lost children in Chicago, or how about a town hall for victims of criminal illegal alien aliens in sanctuary cities? Where was their town hall for Kate Steinle?


CNN held that circus of a town hall where people were calling to “murder” Loesch and “burn her”, yet CNN did nothing to tame the audience down, where it go so bad that at the end Jake Tapper asked if she had security to get off the stage to out of there asap! He and staff sat back while they also allowed Sheriff Israel to grandstand with outright LIES and berate her as well. This town hall was the closest thing to a lynching, without the actual physical altercation!

The media will never take responsibility for the hate they perpetuate. They allow guest to make outlandish statements, make threats and build up a powder keg that produces monsters like Hodgkinson.

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