These Photos of Broward Sheriff Israel Will Tell You All You Need to Know!

More news is surfacing over the massive level of incompetence committed by not only the FBI but also law enforcement under Broward Sheriff Scott Israel. At the CNN Town Hall he made a fool of himself, though the crowd cheered him on, when NRA’s Dana Loesch had him up against the wall citing multiple opportunities now failures that could have prevented the Parkland school shooting.

Israel’s condescending attitude, rudeness and borderline belligerence is behavior we’ve seen many times… from democrats. There is no way he was not aware of the deputy not entering the building. He went on air knowing this along with everything else! The Sheriff also lied about the 39 visits to the killers home, when her berated Loesch.

It was CNN who did the report based on information they got from Broward Sheriff’s office!

Israel of course is a democrat, a democrat who has said on tv he wants to take people’s property without due process. He thinks law enforcement should be able to lock someone up based on what they say, again without due process. Of course we want people like the HS killer off the streets, but the Sheriff was speaking in generality. Well, these photos explain it all…

Photos via FB

Now you know America. Sheriff Israel is not the type of person who should be head of law enforcement agency. He has clear bias, leans heavily to the Left, by his own words over the last week does not believe in the Second Amendment, or the First Amendment for that matter, and he uses the same tactics his friends in the pics has used to avoid accountability. All of the above coupled with this long thread, you should make the time to read…

Much much more starting with this tweet

…it’s clear Israel needs to resign or Broward voters need to recall him. They need someone who is not driven by political ideology to keep the community safe while upholding their rights.