Here’s The List of Companies Boycotting the NRA, WHO DON’T WANT YOUR BUSINESS!!

The Left has launched an aggressive campaign against the NRA to get every single company they have a business relationship with to sever ties. This is bullying, the Left condemns, on full display they have written the book on, that is going to have to be dealt with head-on sooner than later.

Below is a list of companies who:

– Told America they cower to the threats of those who are bankrolled by George Soros and Michael Bloomberg. Billionaires who have armed security 24/7. Not to mention all the celebrities piling on who also enjoy armed security, tall walls and fences and high-tech security around their home(s)!

– Made it clear they do not care about ones right to self-defense, a right every living being is born with, whether you believe in God or not. Just as an animal in the wild will justifiably attack if you invade its space, pose in its mind a threat to its young. We have the same inherent rights to self-defense the NRA defends!

– Are punishing the 5+ million members, law-abiding Americans, of the NRA which NONE of this will have any affect on the NRA itself. Members will not blame the organization for something they had nothing to do. The FBI and Broward County Sheriff FAILED miserably yet these companies(we can assume more to come) ignore their culpability because that’s what liberals do.

Here are the companies who DON’T WANT YOUR BUSINESS… MONEY!

Alamo Rent a Car
Allied Van Lines
Bank of America
Best Western
Chubb Insurance
Delta Air Lines
Enterprise Rent-a-Car
First National Bank of Omaha
North American Van Lines
Paramount Rx
Starkey Hearing Tech
Symantec (Norton, LifeLock)
Untied Airlines
US Bank
Wyndham Hotels

So what do we do about this? Well yours truly isn’t just a blogger, again the title of this site is Saving the Republic THROUGH the Art of Political Guerrilla Warfare. Few years ago Tactics were conceived to combat all of this, during obama’s reign of terror (YES IT WAS), and they still apply to this day.

I would suggest implementing Tactic “#15 Corporate Squeeze” from Feb 2011.

“…The biggest threat to any of these corporations is their bottom line, bonus’s & wallet and their jobs! If you go after these things you will get their attention, but many of you are probably reading thinking ‘what can I possibly do to a CEO or head of major corporation or organization?’ Well first off you had no problem going after politicians, it’s the same thing.

As far as corporations are concerned the next thing you can do is become a stockholder, if they are publicly traded. You have voting rights as a stockholder, you can vote for board members, dividends increases/decreases whatever the company chooses to put to a vote through stockholders. In other words you can vote out those making decisions that are “anti-American” within a company as you did to those in DC.

Now some of you are thinking ‘oh great my 10 or 100-share holding isn’t going to have much pull at the next meeting’. You are right but what if every member of the TEA Party got together and organize a stock purchase of a company where those few here and there are equal to the holdings of those in power? Granted it’s a 1000, 10,000 even a million people now new stockholders holding just a few shares against a few super rich but you all combined have just as much voting power and share the same idea!! That idea could be removal of the Chairman and Board of Directors!

Yes there are millions of shares in play for some companies and a few hold large numbers of those shares but remember each share is equal to one vote. Could be one person holding a million (or whatever number) shares or a million people, sharing the same idea, holding a few shares voting with the same amount of power as that one super rich stockholder. You may actually find that if such a tactic was organized all the new stockholders with the same idea outnumber the few super rich with large holdings!

This is key to understand that you as a stockholder are not outnumbered by the super rich. This is why organizing a stock purchase among 100’s even thousands of people is being suggested. Most Americans don’t have couple hundred, thousand (or really sky is the limit) dollars laying around. But do a couple thousand or million people who share the same idea have a few dollars laying around to buy a share or 2? You bet!…”

There is also Tactic “#20 Counter Boycott” but for whatever reason many high-profile conservative personalities are vehemently against this. I suppose they lie getting beat up by the Left time after time… this is all of you insisting on being nice and playing by the same rules

For years I have been preaching to people, who shrugged me off, to take the gloves off.
What are you prepared to do? Are you ready now?