Sen Rand Paul Says Ungrateful Rep Omar Should Visit Somalia


Sen Rand Paul has some advice for Rep Ilhan Omar since she’s been on her non-stop America bashing tour with the 4 Horsewomen of the Apocalypse. The Kentucky senator suggested, and offered to help pay, Omar should go back and visit Somalia (her home country), so she can take up the motherlands culture for a bit, amongst the lack of basic civil rights and warring tribes, where she will surely realize how good she has it in America!


Paul will surely be attacked by the Squad as well as their devout mindless modern-day Brownshirt army as being a racist. To be clear he never said to send her away and not let her back in the US (as much as we would like that to be). Paul merely suggested for Omar to visit Somalia to realize how fortunate she is to be in the US vs being the ungrateful race hustling garbage monster she is. Make no mistake Omar could never be as “successful” in Somalia as she is in America. Odds are she would probably be living in squalor, wondering where her next meal is coming from, while praying she wont be raped or killed!