SCOTUS Overrules 9th Circuit – ‘Big VICTORY on the Wall’


Chalk up another win for the Trump admin and the rule of law. The Supreme Court overturned a 9th Circuit Court decision that upheld a lower court injunction stopping the Trump admin from diverting $2.5B of DoD funds to build the border wall.


If you frequent this site you knew this was coming. Way back in May 2019 when an obama appointed judicial activist issued an injunction I stated,
”This order will be over-turned like many other rulings against the admin because like it or not the President possesses plenary powers on issues of national security, be it on who can or cannot enter the US via 8 US Code § 1182(f), or 10 US Code § 284(b(7) that allows fencing to be erected to combat drug trafficking, which is one of the many reasons Trump has to build the wall.”

The latter code directly allows the construction of border fence for national security under the DoD which means federal funds the same funds these judges tried to say Trump cannot use.

To this day every action Trump has used has been supported by federal laws on the books democrats are trying to block. Yet the dems will run to cameras and media saying Trump is lawless when they are the ones violating the law!

This is a Big VICTORY for Trump but also Americans because we need our southern border secured. Congress won’t do it so Trump is using the laws to end run them all to get it done.

Let this be a lesson to those who sit home Election Day that elections have consequences including who gets appointed to the bench. Pres Trump shouldn’t have to rely on the courts to uphold his agenda, he needs legislators to back him in Congress. Executive Orders can only go so far, and remember they can be erased as Trump is doing to obama’s “legacy”. We need to send him help in 2020 to get his policies which are our policies into law.