Ginsburg: Amend the Constitution to Guarantee ‘Equal Rights’ For Women

Did we miss something? What are these rights feminists are screaming like banshees over that women in the United States don’t have? What are these equal rights women are being denied in America where a sitting US Supreme Court Justice, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, feels so compelled a change to the Constitution has to be made!?

Right off the top, let’s get it out of the way – ladies can you walk into Planned Parenthood today and get an abortion? YES
Can women drive cars? Yes
Can married women walk out their house without the need to ask their husband for permission? Yes
Are women (in the broad sense because there are abusive relationships) considered property in America? NO
Can women own businesses? Yes
Can women hold political office at any level? Yes
Do American laws give men/ husband the right to hit their wives to keep them in line? NO
In some cases (this is quite loaded not to be debated today) do women
make more money than men? YES
Can women be CEO’s of major corporations? YES
Can a woman come up with a great idea and turn it into a multi-million dollar business? Yes
Do women have the opportunity to go to college, going as far as getting a PhD in the filed of their choice? Yes
Can women go to the police if they have been assaulted without fear of being prosecuted for being the victim? Yes
Can women walk out of the house without being covered up in a burka? YES
Can women cover their bodies in tattoos and piercings? Yes
Can women buy alcohol, tobacco products, guns and other restricted items children cannot?! Yes
Can women vote? YES

This list could go on and on but the fact of the matter is women have all the same rights men enjoy in America. There are areas where there is abuse, but usually when light is put on the problem, especially today, it gets squashed quickly. This kind of talk from Ginsburg and feminists creates problems instead of fixing them. This rant of hers is just divisive, we know things weren’t perfect 100’s of years ago, but to suggest we’re still there and an amendment is needed is absurd.

The US Constitution has the equal rights provision within it. When it says “all men” it is inclusive to all men including those of the female persuasion because woMEN! With respect to the Founders, were against slavery doing what they could to change things. Unfortunately it took another 100 years to rid the old ways out of America’s way of life. America is not perfect, but it’s a better place to live than the shitholes around the world, where many of the bullet points above are based on!!