MSNBC Panel Trivialize Second Amendment a ‘So-Called’ Right to Bear (Video)

This MSNBC panel is in need of some education about the Bill of Rights. Maybe they have forgotten (most likely chose to) or they just don’t know these are not rights granted to us by the govt. The Constitution reaffirms God-given/natural rights all living beings are inherently born with. Anyone who thinks they have a right to take away another persons rights is beyond delusional and quite frankly dangerous.

Leftists, progressives really (democrats and republicans) think govt is all-powerful when it comes to our rights. They believe the govt creates and grants everything we do, and because they have perverted human rights, people actually believe this nonsense.

To make matters worse, with regards to the Second Amendment, progressives like to interpret and define what it says based on todays use language. No you can understand why Colonial history is not really taught anymore in schools, or when they do teachers only touch the surface while demonizing the Founders as a bunch of racist slaveholders!

The grandstanding here along with misinformation is laughable. Take note this network will never have actual experts on to dispel the lies being spewed. This segment like all on the msm is pure propaganda to advance an agenda to disarm YOU.

The Founders couldn’t have been any more clear. Only progressives would work so hard to attack an amendment composed of 27 words and 145 characters(less than most text messages and tweets), with its own built-in Do Not Touch clause!

Curious is the Second Amendment still so-called right to bear for all the security and protection progressives enjoy?