Illegal Alien Atty Claiming Hes American Says States Can Make Their Own Rights in Direct Violation of Federal Law (Video)

The immigration battle is still on going, although you’d never know the way the media is trying to destroy the Second Amendment and the NRA. Tucker Carlson addressed a situation involving the mayor Oakland, CA, who is more or less ratting out impending ICE raids, aiding and abetting illegal aliens within the city limits. Attorney and ILLEGAL ALIEN Cesar Vargas was brought on to defend this action and as you expected the segment came off the rails.

Libby Schaaf is breaking federal law, two right off the top regardless of how she is trying to work the system to avoid getting arrested.

As an officer of city she is violating 8 US Code § 1327 Aiding or assisting certain aliens to enter and 8 US Code § 1324 Bringing Harboring Illegal Aliens and potentially an act of Rebellion or insurrection under 18 US Code § 2383. But in typical fashion Vargas didn’t see a problem with it opening the segment stating, “What’s the problem? Do we have a problem that a local city is protecting its residents? A local city is pushing against the overbearing power of the federal government?” Whats the problem? As an officer of the court he knows what is wrong and frankly it’s quite dangerous for an attorney to be this dismissive of federal immigration law! POTUS in fact has the power and authority to do everything Vargas claims he cannot do. Vargas then had the balls to tell Tucker Carlson, States can create their own rights, even when in direct violation of federal law!  This is what the Left does, they are creating this new dismissive breed of attorneys who are educated on case-law NOT the Constitution, many who are proudly proclaiming they’re illegal aliens!

#1 Vargas should be disbarred for what he said to Tucker Carlson and #2 He should be DEPORTED!

That said many are wondering how is it an illegal alien living in the US, no doubt using or used fake ID’s, was able to acquire a law degree? From applying to college and getting in to acquiring financial aid, exactly how does this happen in America, since Americans don’t enjoy such luxury!?

To add insult to injury Vargas began now patronizing Carlson after being called out over his illegal status where he claimed he is an American! No he is not, but if we play his game he’s so “proud” to be an American, this ILLEGAL ALIEN, to this day, has done NOTHING to make things right but wants to call himself an American!? No thanks, where’s ICE to deport him?! And this is the attitude from the majority of illegals living i the US. They want to be here, leach off the system democrats have made easy to access, but show ZERO respect to our laws. NONE of those DACA brats including Vargas have done anything to make things right with regards to their illegal status. That is why the majority of Americans have had it and want them out.