It Is Time For ‘Worthless Attorney General’ Jeff Sessions to Go!

Is calling Atty General Jeff Sessions ‘worthless’ harsh? NO. Former Congressman Jason Chaffetz expressed frustration Reps Mark Meadows, Jim Jordan, Judicial Watch’s Chris Ferrell, Legal Analyst Gregg Jarrett and many others (incl those who are afraid to speak publicly) are feeling. Chaffetz, as short as he was, is also speaking for many Americans who have sat back for a over a year while the democrats, Hillary Clinton, members of the obama admin and their loyalists who remain in govt within the upper echelon of the FBI and DOJ have acted above the law with no consequences to date.

One of the very Deep State conspirators, acting with his best interests in mind, Rod Rosenstein, was the one who convinced Sessions to recuse himself from just about everything blowing up before our eyes. How can the head of the DOJ remain silent when his #2 is knee-deep in a clear conspiracy to undermine the 2016 election and then to unseat the duly elected President of the United States??

Had the roles been reversed and this was a democrat admin, or say this happened when obama won his first or second term his AG’s Holder and Lynch would have already perp walked every single person involved who tried to influence the election against obama or have him removed from office.That is a cold hard fact NO ONE can dispute. It would have been huge and very public to say the least, especially if it were the Bush admin!

Sessions is MIA, afraid to speak publicly because of what the BULLIES of the Left (will deal with them soon in another post) will say and do because “he recused himself, he can’t get involved”, as if recusal is some type of oath sworn in blood. When one recuses themselves it’s nothing more than a promise, an act of goodwill, giving your word you won’t get involved in something because of your past interests or involvement. Sessions did nothing wrong when he met with the Russians acting within his capacity of a US Senator, and it was something arranged at the time by the obama regime. During the 2016 campaign he was at function where the Russians were attending too, but there was no formal meeting, nothing behind closed doors. Yet, regardless of all of this and any other conspiracy the Left concocts Rosenstein convinced the new AG in 2017 he should recuse himself and ever since then it’s been, to a degree, chaos.

If Jeff Sessions was the fire breather, the man of Law and Order he portrayed himself to be (featured and praised many times on this very site) he should have taken action regardless of this recusal. At the least he should have answered multiple requests by Congressmen to appoint a second special investigator, yet nothing.

If he was the man we thought he was he should have come to the cameras by now saying he did give his word to recuse himself but circumstances have changed, there is far too much deception within the upper echelon of the DOJ/ FBI. He should’ve said he was deceived by his own people and because of that he is firing X, Y and Z. Following that, an announcement of arrests or arrest warrants issued for those involved in the silent coup against Pres Trump, followed by a list of names of those under federal criminal investigation; ie Hillary Clinton for violating the Espionage Act.. for starters.


Jeff Sessions should go in front of the press, look right into the cameras, speak clearly into the microphones that he is resigning, effective immediately, as Attorney General, because he is incapable of fulfilling his duties.

Pres Trump has every right to be angry with Sessions ever since the recusal. Frankly no one can understand why Trump hasn’t fired Sessions by now, although Gregg Jarrett’s explanation may be why. Sessions recusal completely paralyzed the DOJ, and POTUS, which conveniently allowed Rosenstein and Co to put the “insurance policy” into action! Look at the timeline all this Russia nonsense accelerated AFTER Sessions recused himself. There would be NO Mueller special counsel if Sessions was involved. All the Deep State rats would be dealt with vs staying in play doing everything possible to undermine and FRAME Pres Trump!

Don’t care if you hate him, but every week night Sean Hannity has been breaking down this absolute monster of a scandal, again that would be squashed if the President had an AG who served him.  It’s too huge and complicated to even spell out in a post, but everything from Hillary being cut loose, Uranium One etc is all connected. ALL the players involved are the same people trying to take Trump out!

The Attorney General is the key player in something this massive but our AG is MIA! Every day something new hits the wire about this scandal people are asking “Where’s Jeff Sessions”?

No one knows but one this is clear, because he neutralized himself listening to one of the conspirators, has got to go! Jeff Sessions is a WORTHLESS AG who should resign or be fired ASAP.

Lastly, and for the record, yours truly WARNED about Sessions, as well as other Congressional leaders, being plucked away for a Cabinet position. What did we get? An AG who is WORTHLESS, his Senate seat, held by GOP for decades, has been lost to a radical democrat and soft coup launched against the sitting POTUS! Jeff has to go.