NSA Paid $100K to Russians Selling FAKE Dirt on Trump

What country are we living in anymore? Never seen such a concerted effort by democrats, our intelligence agencies and a fmr presidential admin [obama] so hell-bent to interfere with an election and the Presidency of the duly elected POTUS.

As you listen to Ed Henry’s report on the NY Times story, of all news orgs, it should sound familiar. This is all the nonsense that is in the Steele dossier the NSA was willing to pay up to $1M USD [$100K was “good faith”/ down payment], your tax dollars, to destroy Donald Trump!

This is what a soft/ silent coup looks like and it should scare the heck out of every single American. We have biased people within our govt who think they know whats best for us. People who believe based on their ideologies, and frankly feelings, they have the right to abuse their power to not only spy on a citizen, but to attempt to sway an election and then afterwords frame the newly elected  President! If they can do this to Trump, they can clearly and easily do this to each and every one of us.