Speaker Ryan Promises Congress Will Pass Amnesty for Illegal Aliens After Budget Deal

Speaker Paul Ryan, in his weekly presser, told the press and advocates for illegal aliens that he has every intention to move immigration reform aka illegal alien amnesty after Congress passes the budget deal. It would appear if a segment of Congress and the population whines long and loud enough politicians in fear will act to appease the mob.

While some may be surprised to hear and see Ryan’s enthusiasm to do something about DACA, a nightmare illegally created by barack hussein obama, he has had every intention to pass amnesty since 2013! After he and Mitt Romney lost the 2012 election Ryan went MIA. He popped up July 2013 telling a town hall “We’re going to vote on a bill to legalize people who are undocumented”. As it would turn out he was working on an amnesty deal with socialist Luis Gutierrez!

The White House immigration proposal gives far too much to the democrats, who balked, by granting amnesty. DREAMers should be granted legal status along with 9 other conditions here, otherwise any deal on the table should be DOA.

The only people who want amnesty are the illegals, democrats and progressive republicans. Most Americans are against granting full citizenship, but some are ok with granting legal status, but not to the entire family. Frankly, if the immigration code was enforced most would self-deport. As for the DREAMers they’ve had almost 6 years to make things right. They didn’t have time to apply for citizenship but did have time to protest, apply to colleges and free financial aid. That shows absolute contempt towards citizens and no respect. For that they should get nothing but the boot as should Ryan and anyone in Congress wanting to pass amnesty.