WATCH GOP Rep Destroy Pelosi’s 8hr Speech in 3 Min

Rep Jeb Hensarling, Financial Services Committee Chair, responded to Pelosi’s speech rebutting her 8 hours of nonsense in 3 minutes. From the start Hensarling took Nancy Pelosi to task citing the Gettysburg address was only 2 mins long and more eloquent than her 8 hour rambling! He then called out she and the dem party’s unwillingness to work with the President after he extended an “olive branch” to work with them on immigration reform.

Pelosi spent 8 hours rambling on, over how illegal immigrants are important to the nation. To get an idea of how badly she carried on, it went so far as to a story she told about her 6yr old grandson making a birthday wish that wanted to have “tan skin” and “brown eyes” like his Guatemalan friend Antonio!

One can only imagine the discussions and language used around this child where white people are demonized so badly her own grandson wants to be another race!

Pelosi’s marathon speech, not a filibuster, WASTED the American people’s time and money. It was a demonstration over the contempt she and the dem party has for US citizens. Every single democrat in that room, supported her and believes every word she said. These people care more about illegal aliens than the nation’s business and national security. Dems only care about illegal aliens for votes. They want them legalized to secure party power, for one party rule as we see in California which will never be under GOP control again. CA was the lab experiment which became the model for what the democrats have in store for the entire country should they ever have control of both houses and the White House.

PS: What this woman did, the 8hr rambling should scare the hell out of every single voter, frustrated with both parties who always threatens to sit the election out, especially the independents. If the democrats succeed in the 2018 midterm elections, this woman will be Speaker of the House, 3rd in line for the Presidency!