University Students Against Border Wall, Want Open Border

Behold the future of America, clueless on national security (physical & economic) and sovereignty. These students at Trinity University are against building the border wall, instead wanting an open border are oblivious to the fact if they get their way drug cartels, terrorists and human traffickers will have free reign in this country. And who do you think will be the first ones complaining about all the crime and havoc brought on by those they say leave an open door to!?

If you want to shut clueless students to politicians up on immigration issue all you have to do is ask what they would do is someone set up camp in their yard or just moved into their home. I guarantee you their answer will be, they would call the police to have “invaders” removed, yet have no problem with the same camping out on a massive scale in America.

Don’t Believe The Lie, Kids. You Don’t ‘Need’ To Go To College. And You Probably Shouldn’t.