Sen Menendez: “Chain Migration” is “Obscene” & “Dehumanizing” Despite Saying It Last Month

Now that Sen Menendez has been cut loose from federal prosecution, for corruption among other things, it’s back to business as usual for him pulling the race card over illegal immigration.

Chain migration is not obscene nor dehumanizing, it has nothing to do with slavery, this is a major reach for democrats showing how desperate they are. Chain Migration describes exactly what is happening when legal and illegal aliens come into the US and through them their entire family more or less gets moved to the front of the line brought into America. What other words could possibly be used to describe the link between those here and their family members?

Democrats are always demonizing words and phrases to properly describe a situation because they know their propaganda spreads like a virus. Once it sticks they use it to silence their opposition.

Here’s some old advice America, you were probably told as a child:
“Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.”

Say what you have to say, do not stand down to the bullies on the Left. They fear you, they fear the language you use because it is the truth.