CA Defies Federal Immigration Laws, Appoints Illegal Alien to State Office 📺

pic via twitter

The US Dept of Justice remains silent as the State of California continues to break one federal immigration law after another. Gov Brown, Lt Gov Newsom, State AG Becerra, Kevin De Leon* and countless CA leaders are fully engaged in acts of rebellion-insurrection and sedition by violating immigration laws.

The federal govt reserves the power to make law on issues of immigration and national security NOT the states. Yet CA has once again spat in the face of the DOJ, Pres Trump and the American people by appointing an illegal alien, attorney and illegal alien rights activist, Lizbeth Mateo, to the California Student Opportunity and Access Program Project Grant Advisory Committee. This appointment/ hiring of Mateo is a direct violation of 8 US Code § 1324a – Unlawful employment of aliens.

The US had a civil war over states rebelling against the govt. Will we have another is unlikely, BUT the President needs to set precedent by demanding his AG, Jeff Sessions, issue arrest warrants for leaders blatantly violating federal law, otherwise lawlessness by state leaders, obama set in motion, will be rampant in America.

Remember what starts in CA spreads like a virus to other states. Frankly, many Americans would not object to seeing the National Guard marched into Sacramento to restore law and order as they did in the South in the 1950’s-60’s.

And make no mistake about it, US citizens in California are in fact 3rd class citizens behind illegal aliens and radical, violent, unhinged Leftists, both more or less given free reign to do what they want.

Side note: We must set the record straight as many news outlets insist on identifying illegal aliens as “undocumented immigrants”. There’s no such thing, it’s a myth created by progressives no different than those opposed to gun rights saying “assault weapon”. Anyone using this term are being beyond deceptive as the it suggests one has some form of legal status to be in US but their papers are tied up in red tape, have been lost or the dog ate them! “Undocumented immigrants” is PC nonsense that should be called out and corrected immediately, these people are illegal aliens.

*De Leon authored the sanctuary state law, has encouraged illegals to get fake ID’s and bragged about his family being in CA illegally, made Mateo’s appointment. To the handful of conservative rebels in CA he is a terrorist (not kidding). He is out of control, authored gun laws that have turned law-abiding Americans into felons and is seeking Feinstein’s Senate seat. You thought she was bad, you ain’t seen nothing!